In Silence

When I come to pray

Oh how easy to let the world crowd in

Sights and Sounds;

Computers, radios, TVs, DVDs music, telephones,

Dialogue, argument, opinion,

Novels, film, stories, newsprint, magazines, books,

All cram my mind,

All the time,

Images created burn so deeply they return time and again

Even in dreams they occupy my night.

I settle to spend time with You God

Reading your Word,


I turn on music, Holy sounds

I need the ambience, the mood

Without noise I am uncomfortable,

I fidget with an itch I cannot scratch.


Prayer has become about Me

Praise has become about Me


Talking at You,

Telling You my woes, wishes, wants,

Me telling You

How wonderful I think You are,

and when I’m done …

I switch back to the world and get on with my day

I leave no time or space for You

Quiet time doesn’t seem to work.

It is an effort rarely satisfying.

Quiet time, what quiet?

I read your Word:

‘Silence is praise to you

                        Zion dwelling God

                                    And also obedience

                                                You hear the prayer in it all…’

Psalm 65 v1 The Message Bible



Me not talking,

Me not speaking,

not working on thoughts,

not Me… this is about You.

Making the switch is a struggle

I centre on You by breathing

In slow and deep I count numbers

I rest and breathe out Your name;

My mind thoughts buzz like angry bees, all wanting to be heard;

Not now this is God’s time.

I breathe again, thoughts, ideas, all crowd the room I’ve cleared;

Not now, I decide – this is God’s space

Then… oh so softly

Together, We hear the prayer, in Silence

Word and picture © Denise Stanford 2010

~ by Denise Within the Vine on 14/03/2010.

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