Held Within the Vine

O’er canopied in green and shade

I rest within the vine

Safe beneath long trailing arms

Veiled in peace divine

I see how others closer yet

Are held in tendril twine

I long for such supporting love

This knowing hold be mine

If God He is the gardener

And Jesus Christ the Vine

We are all the branches

There Human and Divine

 Together work in harmony

Experiences combine

To grow the fruit and stronger see

The Spirit’s Truth sublime

 Then, held in Love and Company

Lost are found by God’s design

Words and Photograph © Denise Stanford

~ by Denise Within the Vine on 17/03/2010.

3 Responses to “Held Within the Vine”

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  2. This is truly beautiful.

    Blessings gail

  3. Beautiful, Denise.
    Yes, it is so important for His church to hold each other “in Love and company”. As we were taught yesterday by Matt Jacoby, when we gather together and pray and meet TOGETHER, then we experience great encounters with God and His Holy Spirit.
    There is peace within the vine…

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