Call of First Baby

They came to me in the night hours,

Still spent from labouring,

They stirred my slumber

And placed into my arms the reason for it all

Supported by soft pillows

Surrounded by clean crisp cotton

There I held our son

He needs to suckle they said

My flesh answered the call of first baby

And produced first milk

They drew curtains

Smiled knowing smiles

Here was mother and child bonding

Together in an island of light

Surrounded by a night-time sea

I drew life from him

As he drew life from me

I still do

He grew

35 years strong

Today his birthday

And I thank God

For a man-son dependable, loyal, wise

Responsible for all he is called to

He is a Goodman

He is a God-man

The Almighty knows him well

I feel so safe in his company

We’ve learned much together

Much he has taught me

I watch him with his own sons

Kind, gentle, strength

With his wife, loving togetherness and teamwork

I am weaker now

His father is too

But in this I see the cycle of life

I see the plan of God in us all

Words © Denise Stanford

Photograph1 © Denise Stanford

Other Photographs © M&J Stanford

~ by Denise Within the Vine on 19/03/2010.

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