What just Happened?

Her hand trembled as she held it high
But the damage had been done
Sudden, the crash silenced all

The room abuzz, now stilled,
Eyes preoccupied now turned looking as one, at Her
Sudden the frozen thawed into giggles & chatter

All but one
The one to cause the crash, made for the far side of the room,
Far from the deed
Far from the destruction

To the kitchen
Her place, her bolthole, her disguise
Her invisibility
I follow willing to help her through to discovery

What Just Happened?
Powerful words
A question to slice open false belief
What Just Happened?

For others What Just Happened was the consequence of play
For her What Just Happened was so much more

She believed Sins now piled around her
She had done the wrong thing
She had caused a fuss
She had drawn attention
She had brought down, instead of building up
She had destroyed, not taken care
She had broken the bubble of ‘perfect calm’, held in place by fear

Fears binding her to dutiful service
Not of God
Not Truth
She confesses
Tired, so tired of being Yes to others
When her need to say-Gracious,
Found she could not,

She now stayed Imprisoned
Destined to do
Without joy
Her Yes no longer for the Lord
Far too busy for True Him
Busy in the idea of Him

Leaving the Women of Confidence, noisy in their pleasant discoveries
I lead her next door
To the sanctuary

To Quiet Place
To the Cross

We stand gazing upon the wood
I ask again
What Happened?

Her gaze stays with the Cross
Sight lost of it, in all her doings

Eyes Fill with tears
Heart Fills with the Real
She-willing, steps from Binding Fears,
Into Freedom wrested by Christ

Freedom of the Soul to serve in Love
Love that boldly, openly, willing, honestly
Chooses To follow,
To be True when Spirit leading stirs
The need to stand firm with a Nay
The need to serve in the Yes and Amen

Words and Pictures © Denise Stanford 2010

~ by Denise Within the Vine on 23/03/2010.

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