Longing to Know God More


 Longing  to Know God more

Longing  for Deeper Relationship with Him

Intimate Relationship

He knows so well

Ps 139 tells 

He’s known since before birth

This Being, an open book to Him

How can we know Him?

Needs look for Him throughout the day

Needs to become an open book

Open The Book

Take in the Scriptures

When soaking in Scripture a wonderful melding occurs

God reveals Himself,

Not just in the subject of the stories

But through The Word, He becomes known

Scripture on one level is God’s history with humankind

All of The Word leads to Understanding

Who and How God is

On deeper level yet

An innermost hunger is satisfied

There find a Promised Return,

An answer to need

A connection only Experience may unfold


My days of memorizing anything are long gone

I have found, by Nibbling on a tiny crumb

Of the Bread of Life, throughout the day

Everyday becomes Communion

One verse is enough,

Sometimes part of a verse

Written on cards, three works for me


Cards decorated then placed around the house

Beside bed

Near the phone

Another in the kitchen


I bump into Him

I ponder what was written and why?

I share with Him what I see

I ask of Him, what do you see?

What revelation of You Lord?

What does this point towards?

Perhaps a picture

Perhaps a happenstance

An example may come to mind

Or the reassurance it is a truth to rely on


It is a declaration to claim

If not then talking to God  

Seeking answers may reveal what needs to happen

For this to live!

Believe He is involved in life

Believe He longs to be closer

Believe He wants to connect


Words and Pictures © Denise Stanford 2010

~ by Denise Within the Vine on 24/03/2010.

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