The Anointing

The oils stir the senses, Sandalwood and Roses,

Earthy Spice and Sweet Flowers combine

Glass stopper is twisted and pulled from the flask

Touched to the pulse points, wrists, neck

Fragrance escapes, filling the air

Back into the bottle, glass on glass

Tipped to collect more and once again

Cool crystal carries oil to caress my warm skin


The movements repeated, anointing continues

But the final is a fumble,

Bottle tips and glass clatters

Oil spills across oak

Onto woollen carpet

Senses assaulted, heady fragrance overwhelms


And I am thrown back in time to a house of mud daub

Where flies buzz over dishes of dates and pomegranates

Camel dung scent mingles with sour meat and human sweat    

Slaves bow and scrape between reclining figures

Carrying excesses from the kitchen

Bread is broken, wine slurped

A woman, uninvited enters

Her veil slides from soft shoulders,

And snakes across the floor

Gold jewellery clatters

Anklets ring with each step towards the guest of honour

A quiet man in simple wool and linen,

A Seamless Robe

A Faultless Man

A Man of Reputation

Couched men stir

Many know her

Some have offered for her

Longing to touch her body with lust

She moves to one who Understands her

Who offered Forgiveness

Touching her soul with Love


In henna painted hands she holds a vial

Her one treasured possession

The seal she breaks for him,

And pours out a heady mix of oils

Running through his hair

Down into his beard,

His head bows in respect of her

For the gesture, for the ceremony

The perfumed oil drips onto his robe

Into the palms of his hands

Dripping onto rugs beneath him

Of spikenard, to sedate and calm

One who is to die

Man-murmurs stir the room

Whispers behind hands

Power and politic hum caustic

Sharp opinions spike the air

They sound objections

Man of God settles all with Peace

Rabbi teaches what is to come

Death, Burial, Anointing

Few Believe or Understand

The Serpent arises

The enemy agitates

Bitter rivalry stirs within Judas

Betrayal seeded, here and now

Whenever I step into the room, fragrance meets me

So too, the oil spilled in that room, that day

Would meet all in Future days

All who came upon it would remember Him

His anointing by Woman Unknown

She who recognised Messiah

She who recognised His End, His Beginning

Speak of Value, Speak of Worth

In Heaven or on Earth

And Give, Give All

Spill out, All for Him


Words and Pictures © Denise Stanford 2010

Inspired by Mark 14 v 1-11 The Holy Bible

~ by Denise Within the Vine on 01/04/2010.

3 Responses to “The Anointing”

  1. Denise this is truly beautiful, reflected on this passage last night during contepoative time, presenting the Last Supper and betrayal – May our Lord bless and keep you

  2. Thank You Joyceline, God is good. I pray the Lord meets with you in a very special way this Easter and touches your heart with Peace only He can bring xD

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