I Made Vegetable and Golden Pea Soup

There’s something therapeutic in gathering vegetables to make soup

 I find myself slowing down

Taking in the bright colour of the carrots

The crackle of onion skin in my hands

Peeling the skin from the potatoes or scrubbing off the soil


The tang of celery, summons a memory from childhood

At the market the scent of celery once seemed stronger than today

Frequently braised as a vegetable on its own, always added to soup or stew

Pinch out a few leaves, chop this concentrated flavour

The jar from the pantry rattles with yellow split peas, tipped into a sieve and rinsed

They will cook down making the soup thick and creamy

From the garden I collect sage and rosemary

Strip leaves from stems and chop


I clatter in the cupboard for the secret ingredient

My pressure cooker

When the handle finally parted from my old one

I was grateful to find this unused and unwanted, in an op shop

 A few cups of stock into the pot

Then add everything else

Breathe the aromas as it comes to the bubble

Stir with wooden spoon so the peas don’t stick on the bottom of the pan

Pop on the lid, wait for the valve to show the pressure in the pot is up… then switch the heat off

 I leave it on the hot stove and allow it to do its thing


When the hissing stops

I remove the lid, stir, taste…

 * to check the peas are cooked

 * to adjust seasoning

Salt… only if absolutely necessary

Cracked black pepper, a must

 It may be necessary to simmer again to fully cook the peas to extract creamy goodness

All round, this is a hearty vegetable soup in less than an hour…


Cheap and tasty, this is a very healthy meal

To make a complete meal, serve with whole meal bread and cheese

or serve a dairy based dessert

 For a variation:

Float cheese toast on the soup once it’s in the bowl

Or add some bacon or leftover chicken if you don’t have a vegetarian sharing…


 Words and Pictures © Denise Stanford 2010

~ by Denise Within the Vine on 16/04/2010.

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