Giving Thanks

I’m finding the ground a little rocky, the way somewhat thorny, and the struggle uphill.

Scorching winds are buffeting, so today’s gratitude may seem a little odd to some

I’m thanking God for the difficulties;

* dull throbbing ache in leg muscles

* new weaknesses that shock

* brain fog & confusion

* muddled thinking & forgetfulness

* inability to do all I long to do

* rasping soreness of finger joints

* bloating

* the utter shame of weight gain

* regrettable fact that doctors are really not interested

* sore ribs and cramping muscles

* unsatisfying sleep

* disappointment and powerlessness

The reality  is there are many in the world who experience all of these and more, but don’t have You Lord God

* You I can run too as my resting place

* You who makes sense of it all

* You who turns this plague into something good

*You my Rock and Redeemer

And in the midst of it all, still I  

* see Indian summer days

* have time to soak up the sunshine and relax to water playing

* hear crickets singing in the night

* witness new growth in the garden

* experience the moment my spirit danced in worship

* fully appreciate The Light from Darkness, from a front row seat

* am someone special to Grandchildren

* seeing sunny smiles from a surprise visit

* smell freshness in a box of organic vegetables

* experience the tenderness of friendship

* buy new plants for the garden

Father God Your constancy amazes me  

Words and Pictures © Denise Stanford 2010

~ by Denise Within the Vine on 19/04/2010.

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