Bags of Bags

I have Bags of Bags

Single Task Bags

Bags that contain bit n bobs for one purpose and only that purpose

My Church Bag, has a Bible, hanky, notebook and pen

My Hydro Bag has all I need for hydrotherapy.

 As soon as my towel and bathers are dry they go back in the bag with socks etc


My Knitting Bag is made from a lovely knitted tabard I found at the op shop.

Carefully I knit-stitched along the bottom to form a bag

Then I unpicked the edging, unravelled the upper part – this gave me wool to plait a handle.

I lined the whole thing and re attached the edging, it works really well too.

My Art Bag came from the op shop is kept especially for my portable watercolour things, sketch pad and pencils

The elephant bag was a gift, from Cambodia.

It’s my Portable Patchwork bag – well elephants are good at carrying things!

In here I have block pieces in baggies and a special little sewing kit made from another little bag, just for the job.

If we go anywhere in the car it comes along so I can sew a seam or two en route

Then there’s Out and About Bag, with all sorts of ‘just-in-case-stuff’, a tough leather bag from the Royal Flying Doctor Service, that hangs easily from my wheelchair.


When I was a school girl I had a school satchel, why not a bag for other things

I was very a young girl who loved her ballet lessons, before Polio that is.

I asked nana to help me find a bag to keep my shoes, bolero and dress ready for lessons.

She found what had been a knitting bag, of red and green tartan with a long zip, perfect for the job. This was my first ‘bag’.

The trick is to keep each bag for that purpose

Start switching and things get lost or left behind

I make sure each activity has its own special bag

If possible I let the decoration define the use of the bag

I made book bags for the boys that had snails all over them, hoping they’d slow down and enjoy their reading

I made sure they were named to save arguments.


Bought new or second-hand, make them, or add to a gift list, it’s the best way I know of staying organised.

  Words and Pictures © Denise Stanford 2010

~ by Denise Within the Vine on 22/04/2010.

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