Giving Thanks

My Soul rejoices in the Lord my God… for prayers of the faithful and answers

*Waking – warm comfort my first consciousness, rather than aches and pains – a rare treat!

* For Tom and others

* The gentle touch of church family at Communion

* The alphabet – how much this one thing helps create order from chaos!

* Gentle Annies

* Picking fruit

*Reminders of seasons – wax and wain

* Reminders of life’s imperfections

* Rhubarb, strawberries and apples

* All the senses stirred

* A kookaburra’s call

* The freshness of dank forest

* The scent of Earth returning to its own

* Bright fungi

*All Autumn’s colours

* Easy coversation with young strangers well met

* Their togetherness by tealights

* Reminders of our younger times

* Standing at ocean’s edge, the music of the tide

* Popping in to a warm welcome

* Safely Home again

So many Blessings each one recieved and treasured Lord we give you thanks

~ by Denise Within the Vine on 27/04/2010.

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