Battle Lines

They are the enemies of God

Therefore my enemies

Satan’s Dark Angels

The same Dark Angel who twists that barb in my flesh

Spinning the symptoms of my condition to a new intensity

Working the desire of my heart away from God

Towards a more selfish craving

For healing – my own solution

Ease – I would run from all of this


But God stands by me

He knows me well

He longs to provide all I need to overcome

He stays with me wooing my heart

Return to Him

Standing upon a broad greensward

I see the battle lines drawn

Troops gathered for the fight

I see banners of the enemy camp clearly

I see their intent

I see how they are all puffed up

Goliath Fear their strongest ally

On the other side, my side,

Amassed troops of the Angel Armies

Almighty God at the helm

His Light covers me

All that are His are strong

All that are His are true

Their banners held highest

Victory already emblazoned across them all

Their Valiant song the Battle Cry stirring my Soul

I cannot sup triumphant at the banquet

If I do not take my place upon the Battleground

The scared child within would cleave to ‘Gentle Jesus, meek and mild’

But spirit mature recognises

God is Powerful

He can be Gritty, Formidable  

As His own He expects me to toughen up

What does it matter if my armour is heavy?

Or my flesh sore and weak

Spiritual Battles are being fought here

Battles, the result of which, reach far across Eternity

Yes I stand here

Ready for the next broadside

I AM Saves me

I am

Surprised to be loved in such a way

Inspired by Psalm 18

Words and Pictures

 © Denise Stanford 2010

~ by Denise Within the Vine on 28/04/2010.

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