Giving Thanks

Life is not always bright shining golden pathways,

Decisions are not always glaringly obvious

Nor are my responses always right

But I thank God what ever happens He makes the best of it all:

* for the sweet and the sour things in life

* things that keep me on my toes

* things that remind me to stay vigilant

* crashing disappointment and the craziness when I let it get to me

* I am reminded how easy it is for the enemy to bring me undone

* Grace and Forgiveness awaits when I turn again to God for  balance and beauty

* coffee with a dear friend, mutual respect and support

* a moggie mate staying for a couple of days

* bumping into my son at the shops just when I needed a strong pair of hands – what a blessing!

* the gift of two sheds

* new taste experience – wild finger limes, tart, crunchy, yummy Aussie bushtucker 

* Ironing – I know crazy right? but the unhurried peacefulness of steam and heat just erasing those creases, making    

    smooth polished cotton, crisp

* Prayer companions

* a Lord who understands me – for this I am especially grateful


Words and Pictures © Denise Stanford 2010

~ by Denise Within the Vine on 03/05/2010.

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