Just Because

The sea moved sparingly

Like a monster sleeping

 The gentle rise and fall rhythmic and soothing

Over head the sky bruised lay heavy over all

Now and then rain falls leaving all, polished bright

Three surfers sit astride their boards amid the calm water

Hoping for the slumber to end

For the waves to break once more

We sit high above the scene

Behind glass walls of a café bar

Enjoying lunch and coffees

Remembering other days when I worked nearby

And would sit, reviewing my day and all it held

Hubby enjoys his roasted toasted vegetable sandwich

Sweet with Kasundi, a spicy Indian chutney

I savour a gorgeous chicken onion avocado honey mustard pile

The locally sourced gluten free bread, so good

 The coast stretches far on either side

One long sweeping bay The Rip and beyond to the east

Behind me, westward Bluff point at Barwon Heads

We eat slowly and I recall another day with calm sea and purple sky

So breathless we all expected something special to happen

And it did

Just like today, boys sat on boards waiting surf in drowsy serenity

When a fin broke the surface of the water

It stirred a frisson of fear

Sparking senses alive

The arcing motion betrayed the bodies below

A pod of dolphins ready to play circled inviting

We all thrilled the watchers and the wave riders

At the encounter

But not today

Today the pressure broke as did the waves

Still I did see the fairy penguin make a rare daytime dash for cover in the sand dunes

The Willie wagtails chattering, sweeping the air for flies

The dull buff coloured wrens darting here and there

Dragonflies dodging raindrops in halting flight

A wonderful day unplanned

Remarkable snatched from the unremarkable

Just because

Words, Photographs and Watercolour © Denise Stanford

~ by Denise Within the Vine on 05/05/2010.

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