Our Example

The fencer is coming

No not a Cavalier prepared to defend my honour with a blade


This fencer is coming to give us a quote

We need a fence around the property

We have been looking for ages at other fences

Trying to get some idea of what we want

Eventually we found something we both like and took photographs

When the guy comes and says what do you want?

We can say this is what we’d like and we can work it out from there

It helps to know what you want

It helps to have an example


Which is why, when building a relationship with God, it really helps to have an example

And we do

We have the perfect example in Jesus Christ

By reading the Scriptures

We find so many lessons in Relationship

The Relationship Jesus has with Father God

Is one for which I hope

For which I sigh


Jesus puts God first

He honours Him and the bond they share

They are inseparable

They talk often

They trust

God knows His heart and is well pleased

Jesus shows me how to Love

How to teach

How to reach others

Knowing God

Loving God

Putting Him first

Is key to everything He does

Is key to all I aim for

I’m not alone

I will strive to be

Like Jesus

Holy Spirit guides me and

I’ll run to God every time


Psalm 91

Words and Pictures © Denise Stanford 2010

~ by Denise Within the Vine on 05/05/2010.

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