Giving Thanks

I was challenged by this Weekend Meditation

In my heart of hearts do I willingly submit to the Word of God knowing it will ‘expose, sift, analyse and judge’ every motivation, ever minute, of every day?  

Yes I do

I have prayed this prayer before I would urge no one to do so lightly

I trust no human like I trust God

Whilst I often fail to actually live in trust, God reads my heart

He knows just how true I would like that to be…

and that makes a big difference

It makes it possible for God to reach across the divide and help me change

I thank Him for this and many other things both, Great and Small

* For things unexpected

* Coffee at the coast

* Lunch with my love

* Family feasts

* Thoughtful planners who have improved disable access to a gorgeous part of the coast

* Sea spray and salty lips 

* Australian Landscapes

* Everyday opportunities that can become Mother’s day, Father’s day, Kid’s day and anyone else’s day

 *Enthusiasm – so wonderfully contagious

* Lemon Delicious pudding

* Irish stew

*  A rescued Blue- tongue Lizard to eat our snails

* A Garden that  encourages others

* Nose prickling woodsmoke on chill Autumn nights

* Knowing I can close my eyes and open my heart to feel You near Lord, to speak joy to my soul no matter what

Words and Pictures © Denise Stanford 2010

~ by Denise Within the Vine on 10/05/2010.

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