But A Moment

Oh mother, mother dear

Today you lost a chance to see

Really see into your child’s heart

A chance to look and connect with her

A chance to look and see all she was saying

All she was not saying

You were distracted


Chatting to a friend

Plotting ‘me’ time

It did not include

It did exclude

Are Children…

Such a trial?

Such a bore?

Not enough?


She risked a scolding

Stealing into a garden

To bring you a bright blue bloom

You did see –

But ‘that’s nice’ wedged between words for your friend

Was not enough

She needed you, your eyes and hers


She needed your knee to bend,

Heads together

She needed you to see what she saw in that sea of blue

Wonder together

She needed you to take in her face and the joy of it all

Moments together

She needed you to connect, enthuse,

To breathless, join her in childhood wonder

She had something to teach you in that moment

Something only she can find

In that moment

But a moment

Is all it would cost you

Satisfied, she would move on

Your friend could wait

This moment would not

It is lost

Gone forever

 You will never have that chance again


There may be others

Brief chances to catch up with her before

She enters her butterfly changes


She may pass you by…

Not giving you a moment

Words and Pictures © Denise Stanford 2010


~ by Denise Within the Vine on 14/05/2010.

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