A New Eden

They are deep pink the roses that grow at our door

With old wood pruned fresh growth is vigorous

I thought the colour was at the expense of fragrance

I was wrong

On the hottest days when the North wind blows from the desert heart

The air fills with spicy fragrance

Roses mingle with liberated eucalyptus

Tee tree with lavender


Cooler air comes from the South

In winter it blows straight from Antarctic Ocean

Making it truly an icy blast

Then the fragrance of wood and stone

Dank earth and ozone


In the Word I read

Dear Lover and friend you are a secret garden

a spring shut up, a private and pure fountain

Body and Soul you are a paradise, a whole orchard of succulent fruits…

Nut trees and cinnamon and all scented woods

Mint and lavender and all herbs aromatic

A garden fountain, sparkling and splashing…

S of S 4 v 12-15 The Message Bible

The Beloved sings to His love

Christ to His Believer

She responds

Wake up North wind get moving South wind,

Breathe on my garden fill the air with spice fragrance.

Oh let my lover enter his garden

Yes, let him eat the fine ripe fruits S of S 4 v 16 The Message Bible


I am as a garden

Planted by The Gardener

He knows my full potential

Only His Holy Spirit can liberate all in me

To fulfil my True and Unique potential

But the garden is secret, hidden, closed,

The springs of sparkling water sealed…


No matter how hard I try

I cannot liberate myself

Am I willing to invite God’s Holy Spirit

To Move as He will

To stir

As Arid heat

or Icy blast

Soft Gentle breeze

Or Divining Storms

To do whatever it takes to stir this garden

To ripen fruits, herbs, spices and fragrant woods

To awaken the Sleeper

To inspire the Singer


Breathe on me Spirit of God

Enter in

Fill and fulfil

Create in me

This ‘New Eden’ unique in sensual beauty


A place to meet with God

To walk with Him

To meet Him as friend

As Soul Lover

A Bower

A Special Place

One that ultimately reflects The Gardener

Words and Pictures © Denise Stanford 2010

~ by Denise Within the Vine on 21/05/2010.

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