Thanks At Pentecost

Pentecost is amazing

The thought of God

Breathing His Holy Spirit

Into my Life

Accompanying me


Keeps my faith alive

Keeps my hope alive

Reminds me I am God’s

Guides me

Reminds me of options

Expands my vision of possibilities

Inspires the Joy

Reminds me of God’s truth

Eases my fears

He tolerates me and my weaknesses

He abides

Waits for me

He leans in close


No matter where

No matter when

For all of this and so much more

I am Eternally Grateful

A 16 year old girl safe home from a round the world solo-voyage

Really helpful Bank tellers

Grateful smiles when thanks and compliments given – does it really happen so rarely?

Spontaneous discussion with strangers amongst the book shelves of Big W

Utter delight of reading to a soft background of wonderful music

Lovely Warm, supportive water to work out in at Hydrotherapy

Support and understanding of other Post Polios

My ultra comfy day-bed for snuggle and ease when I’m sore

A dear friend

Her helping hands pinning up trouser hems

Bringing her ‘chicken soup’ comfort when she calls

Adorable winter evenings with shop lights reflected on shiny wet-night pavements

Gluten and Dairy free Yorkshire Puddings –  success… yes!

Words and Pictures © Denise Stanford 2010

~ by Denise Within the Vine on 24/05/2010.

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