“Hello, welcome

I am so pleased to see you

Come in”

The smile I offer is warm and genuine

I love visitors

I draw you into the best room of my home

An oil burner faintly scents the air with roses and violets

Soft music quietly plays in the dining room

A log fire crackles warmth

A mantel clock chimes the quarter hours

Together we sit making polite conversation,

Sipping tea or coffee, your choice

When friends and family come, they too enjoy

This welcome, these best rooms

They also join me in the kitchen,

They push up sleeves to help wash up,

Take vegetable scraps to the worms

Empty rubbish bins

Even so I allow them to see only what I want them to see

I keep private my dirty washing,

Those intimate things

Doubtless they have discovered many of my faults

But I do not willingly expose weakness or personal shortcomings

They are not party to the thoughts I have

Some that make me blush

So when I invite The Spirit of God into my Life

Do I treat Him as…?

A stranger

An acquaintance

A family member


As an Intimate lover

Do I hesitate?

Wondering at which point He will reject

At which point He will withhold His Love

At which point He will say No

And pull away


Do I fling wide the doors to every room?

Give Him the keys to each cupboard

Willingly baring my Soul to Him

Gentle Lover that He is

He takes time until I’m ready

Softly, tenderly

He supports me

We work together

Sifting the sands of Time

He keeps the balance of those mysteries and dark secrets

My unconscious self hides away

He protects me from harm

He does not protect me from the Truth

Truth hurts more sometimes

Holy Spirit keeps me safe

He stands awaiting my welcome

And enters in Because He Loves…

Words and Pictures © Denise Stanford 2010

~ by Denise Within the Vine on 26/05/2010.

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