I made Pumpkin and Red Lentil Soup


Ask any Aussie for their Pumpkin soup recipe

And you’ll probably get a different answer each time

This is mine

We buy one whole green skinned pumpkin

Hubby skins and cuts it up for me,

Some wedges for slicing and roasting,

Some in cubes for curry and soup


The pressure cooker will feature 

In cooking this yummy meal

Brown onions first with some light olive oil

Gentle heat no colour required

Slowly so slowly

As soon as they are soft I add warm water to cover

Bring back to heat


Cradled in a sieve the tiny red lentils are rinsed under running water

They join the onions in the bubbling pan

I wait for a while allowing the lentils to soften

Not long…

Pumpkin chunks follow with a small amount of gluten free vegetable stock powder

Lid on … waiting

Red valve lifts, pressure building… waiting, waiting

A soon as it’s hissing steam like a New Zealand golf course

I switch off the heat and leave it until the hissing stops and the red valve settles


Opening the lid is very satifying already the soup smells great

But we’re not finished yet

Now for pungent spices, little by little

Smoky paprika and allspice

A pinch of sea salt

I allow nose and palate to dictate how much

Smoky Paprika has a mild woody sweet heat

Allspice – the fragrance of Christmas or Tudor feasts

Finally, very carefully I use a stick blender

To reduce the pan full of goodness

To a smooth creaminess

The spices darken the pumpkin soup a  little

But for fragrance and taste – gorgeous  

I like to make a large pan of soup

To tuck away in the fridge for snack raids and lunches

Roughly I use .75 cup of red lentils to 1.5-2 kilos of pumpkin 

I serve with a dollop of Tofutti, the closest I can get to cream

Soured cream would give an extra sharpness

Recipes, Words and Pictures © Denise Stanford 2010

~ by Denise Within the Vine on 28/05/2010.

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