Winter Thanks

We awoke this morning to a chilly morning and a power cut.

I am instantly reminded of childhood winter mornings with no central heating.

Then we would awaken to windows rhimed with frost, delicate Jack Frost lace curling across each pane with white crust… on the inside.

Then snuggling down further beneath the eider-down although eventually we had to run for the bathroom and start the day.

This morning I find hubby has unearthed an ancient camping stove, boiled a kettle of water for a cup of tea… my man has his priorities right, bless him.

I was somewhat disappointed to find the solar electric panels on our roof do not mean we have electricity in a power cut…that’s how naive I am!

So thank you Lord for electricity when it works and when it goes wrong the little Lego men who came with truck and tools to fix it…


  • 2 long but safe Freeway journeys
  • 4 hour journey halved by streamline roads
  • 6 lane tunnels under rivers scary but quick
  •  Maps… we haven’t progressed to sat nav yet!
  • Excuse to return home via the grand kiddies house
  • Little feet pounding to excited shouts of Ma Pa! Glorious!

  • Wheelie walks
  • Powered wheelchair
  • Pa and pusher
  • A very proud dad encouraging son on a red shiny bike with trainer wheels… we stopped traffic!
  • For considerate drivers who pause in their busy day to let us cross a busy road
  • Cockatoos at Happy Hour swooping wide sulphur winged from tree to tree

squawking, competing with one another spectacular show

  • Rose – breasted cockatoos or Galahs as the locals call them, pretty and crazy
  • Leaving happy tired  little bodies in a bath so we can drive home

  • Sun setting through skeleton trees
  • Heavy night mists gathering thick over Skeleton, Lollipop and Cherry Tree Creeks
  • Safe Come Home

~ by Denise Within the Vine on 07/06/2010.

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