Use It!

It was a meeting of North and South

Yorkshire meets Cockney wisdom

An Interview

Between Michaels

Two Knights of the Realm

Parkinson and Caine


The actor recalled his early days

Learning on the job

He spoke of one director who gave him a tip that was to help form his philosophy on life


They were working on a scene

When a chair happened to fall into the path Caine was supposed to take

He was wondering how he was going to carry on, with the chair blocking  his way

When the direction came

“Use it”


Caine explained

 “It’s the same in life

Use the difficulty

If it’s drama, smash it

If it’s a comedy, fall over it

Just Use it”

It stayed with me

How do I use ‘the chair’?

The difficulties

The obstacles

The snags and problems

The trouble

The heartbreak

In my everyday life

In my Spiritual walk?

It’s something Jesus did

He often turned a difficulty into an opportunity

To further understanding

A boy’s lunch to feed 5 000

Proving a little goes a long way

Water into wine

Nothing is Impossible with God

Temptation in the wilderness

Temptation isn’t the sin

But choosing what to do with it can be


The ultimate example of how low humans will go to prove they’re right

And how far God goes to get us back

I’m no Prophet

But I know

Difficulties will turn up


Getting in the way

Stopping me in my tracks

Changing the Script

I cry

What do I do now

It’s not fair

It shouldn’t be like this

I can almost hear God directing…

“Use it!”

Words and Pictures © Denise Stanford 2010

~ by Denise Within the Vine on 09/06/2010.

3 Responses to “Use It!”

  1. Hi Denise
    Well thought out and put together, many hours of creative work here for all of us to enjoy……if only I had more time……

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