Essence of PACE


He reaches across the desk for his pen

Once again he scribbles on the pad

The sticky is peeled off and handed to me

He gives me that look over his glasses

He’s done this before

Every time I visit in fact

I have quite a few notes

I know what it says

A four letter word

Some thing I need to do

And frequently do not


I have to be reminded

Driving it full on is my default mode

‘Til I’m done…

Or nowadays ‘done in’

How do I change natural instinct?

How do I curb compulsion?

How do I ‘lower’ my standards?

Still keeping Satisfaction-with-Self intact 

I must learn to PACE

Like a toddler learning to walk

Or a child riding a bike

I keep a journal

Writing all I do

The impact it has

For my condition that can mean pay-back

For days even weeks after

Grading 1-10





Gradually I get to know possible and impossible

It varies

Identifying warning signs

I explore what Pacing means for me

A pattern emerges

All that applies to Physical, Mental and Emotional Wellbeing

Applies to Spiritual Wellbeing too

It takes a while but…  

PACE has come to represent:

Priorities, Awareness, Calmness & Expression

Prioritise: create order, cut the clutter, trivia… define the Important

Awareness: of all around me the large and small, ordinary and extraordinary

Calmness: slow down and even out the highs and lows

Expression: explore and create from the heart

Australian coastal waters thrive with dangers

A Rip is a strong current pulling out to sea




To be

Dragged out of depth




Drowning feels inevitable

Take charge

Stay calm



Assess the situation

Do not fight the pull

Find another way out

Swim parallel… or

Seek help

This is the essence of PACE

The essence of PEACE

Is at hand

More to come…

Words and Pictures © Denise Stanford 2010

~ by Denise Within the Vine on 11/06/2010.

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