Historical Thanksgiving

The cars line up for show and shine before heading out  for a drive

Historic cars, collected by enthusiasts, lovingly restored

They celebrate Fair ladies

We walked the Waterfront of our home town

History evident

In Art

In Celebration

In Memorial

Many of the wraggle taggle boat sheds have gone

A few stragglers remain

Working examples

Keeping traditions alive

Of seafaring days and ways

Last week a dear friend’s brother died, too soon

Last week hubby lost a younger friend to the effects of Motor Neurone Disease

I listen with quiet calm as stories are told

History explored

It comforts

As I write, music drifts through the air

I hear again the beauty

Psalm 23 to Crimond

So much history



Celebrate and Give thanks for the Histories

* Narratives celebrating people and times past

* For  tea-ladies- their trolley song and teacup comfort, rare now – a thing of the past

* For telegraph boys on bicycles with leather satchel, also gone

* For Posties – soon to go the same way

* A  sea port town with rich maritime past

* Bollards Walk, Old pier supports artfully celebrating historical characters

* Battered old girls in dry dock

* So many beautiful images

* Rust pitting, flaking paint the beauty of textures

* Brackish tang of seashore bringing senses alive

* Flat calm water in shades of gray

* A White heron fishing in shallows tolerates joggers but not a powered wheelchair

*  Overhead terns spiral and twist before hurling head long into the water for silver bait

* A Gannet streamline diver

* Yachts dancing at anchor on sparkling water

* The cry of Gulls

* Heartbreaking highs and lows as a young friend’s husband fights for life

* For Togetherness Tales singing our Songs

* An 11-year-old confident in God

* An Extraordinary Lord come to Ordinary People

* Timely reminders of Grace – God’s Goodness when we least deserve

For all these and more Lord I give you praise

Words and Pictures © Denise Stanford 2010

~ by Denise Within the Vine on 14/06/2010.

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