P For Priorities

P is for Priorities

Children work through the cards one by one

I urge

Ask yourself what’s important

They’re all important

We talk about some of them

They don’t like Rules

Imagine playing games without them

Let’s try

We play O and X’s

I fill in all the squares, super fast, in one go

You can’t do that they all cry

Can if there are no rules

I say

They decide Rules are important

But not silly Rules

We all agree to that

Books are questioned

I confess I would find life sad without books

I tell them about Prisoners of War  

Locked up with very little for years on end

Far away from home

A Red Cross packaged arrived with a few bits and pieces and one book

Each man took it in turns to read the book

One man wrote of his delight when the book came to him

He inspected the cover opened and closed it enjoying the sound it made

He took pleasure in the feel of the book in his hands

The weight of it

Balance of it

He savoured

Every word on every page

Even before starting to read the story

Clearly this man valued books

Setting Priorities

Deciding Values

Working out the Standards to live by

Is Vital

To Health, Wholeness and Well being

Yet it is something

We often fail to purposely, consciously do

Drifting along, joining others in what they hold as important

Taking on what others think

Is denying how special God made us to be

It is vital to decide for ourselves what we value

Vital to work out our own Priorities

We cannot always make them happen

We cannot always control everything

But to strive towards these goals

Is being true to Self

We need to

Take note

Recognise that which




Awakens the Sparkle within

And stirs the Joy

As much as possible

Remove, eliminate and avoid

That which



Depletes and


By recognising and acknowledging the negatives

We learn to endure

Allowing unhealthy choices to drain us


Time and energy 

It makes futile that which God has given

When working with a child

Diagnosed with Depression

At the age of 8

We talk about what’s important

What we choose

What we cannot

What we can endure

The Hope card turns up

This Knowing Child pauses

And with Wisdom beyond her years

She sighs and says,

Well, you cannot Live without Hope

She is well on her way

To defining her own Healthy Priorities

  Words and Pictures © Denise Stanford 2010

~ by Denise Within the Vine on 16/06/2010.

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