Above all to thine own self be true

Hamlet by Shakespeare


I urge myself

Be true


In truth

I lie to myself

I say all is well, when pain is at the door

I say I can, when I cannot

I say I will, when

Though spirit willing

The flesh knows its weakness

And aches to be recognised

I deny such Truth

I claim all is well when it isn’t

PACE  to eventually find PEACE

This the quest I set myself

I need to be honest


No more fearing

What they say

No more worrying

What they think

No more falsehoods

They are not living here

Within these fragile flesh walls

I need to be honest

To reach the very core

Of Who

And How I am

Only I can say Yea and Nay

In Truth

Only I can see from Within

The clearly evident

To Pace I need to be honest

With my self

To my self

For my self

Doing under sufferance achieves nothing

I must measure and weight my heart

The Impact of all










Concepts I have overlooked

No voice is necessary for expression

Being aware

Enough to be sounding out

In a journal, log or diary

When baring the soul

I understand





I see more clearly

What lights my path

Or darkens it

Recognising where I stumble

Exploring these I grow…

Empowered for

Constancy, Endurance

Take notice and express fulfilment

Be honest

State it

Express the Truth

Select  categories PACE/PEACE for more in this series

Words and Pictures © Denise Stanford 2010

~ by Denise Within the Vine on 30/06/2010.

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