Today was a day of indulgence

And I loved it…

We’re not talking Spa

Pampering nails or skin

Nor chocolate

Not even coffee and cake

My indulgence today involves

My stash

I plan a few errands

Collecting a bottle of port

One or two bits at the supermarket

Hubby is brewing a cold

Wrapped in blankets on the sofa

He sniffs

Suggesting if I was going near the library

Could I find him another book?

I love books

So that’s no bind

The Library is bright busy but still quiet

All those shelves holding volumes…


Hubby has just discovered Alexander Mc Call Smith

Who writes

The 1st Ladies Detective Agency novels

I find none under M

A Librarian rescues me

She heads for S

My smile shares my relief

I leave with a bag heavy with words


I make space for me

I sidle up to the shelves of plenty

Colours of every hue

Taking my time

Comfortable in my chair

Weighing up how I can use…

What to choose…






A Sale enables me to Indulge

I handle the bolts of fabric

Finally choosing from the glorious possibilities

Will the cotton cover note books

Create a new tea cosy

Or a pretty apron

Most likely it will become another quilt

I have to be careful

But really

How can anything so beautiful be wrong?

Cameo Vines,

Garden Scroll,

Delicate Garden

Garden Bouquet

Pale Pink Gingham

Inspired Tulips

Finally this gorgeous blue

So simple but delicious

By Julie Hendrickson for Windham Fabrics

A Reproduction

Of a design surviving the American Civil war

One from a range called

Gathered over Time circa 1890-1900

For me

This is

Weaving Poetry

Words and Pictures © Denise Stanford 2010

~ by Denise Within the Vine on 09/07/2010.

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