Giving Thanks For Enough

Once I was given a Blessing

“May you have enough”

I realise I am Blessed

With Plenty

With Possibilities

I watch

Strength at work in the garden

A ‘Big’ man barrowing wet cement

Hubby making a raintank base

Friends digging earth

Man with levers moving heavy rocks

Tour de France, World Cup Soccer – International Endeavours

Little girl, muffin munching

I do:

Patchwork, Cooking,

Reading, Writing,

Cut flowers for vases

Buy new plants 

Warm water exercises

I hear

Pardelotes call, Magpies carolling,

Bee buzzing, Clocks ticking,

Teaching Word building the spirit

Music written and produced to lift the soul

Conversations,  laughter, stories told

I experience:

Life, breathing, heart beating, blood flowing

Eyes-wide-open Hope

Gut wrenching Sadness

Back-aching endeavours

My own weakness

Thank you God I’m still here to know it

Thank you for enough :-

To keep going

To keep coming back to You God

To keep Finding You

In Everyday

Reason for Being

The Certain Knowledge there’s so much more to come

Of You…

~ by Denise Within the Vine on 12/07/2010.

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