The Bear Hug

His arms came about me in a bear hug

He held tight

As if I would slip away

Any moment

To become vapour

That somehow his hug could prevent it

I believe, in a way, it did

New in my faith I had just given my life to God

This Uncle of my future husband

Held me in his substantial faith for a moment

Then he said,

“God loves you so much

He will not force you

He is Gentle-Man

He will await your invitation

He wants your heart to want Him

You have learnt to steer your own heading

You have done very well

Despite difficulties

But the time has come

Take your hand off the tiller

Allow God to steer your course

Allow Him to fill the sails

Allow Him to guide you”

When an event stays with me

I deem it Important…

I have an internal compass

By which I steer

My heart’s desire is for God’s way

But the compass returns

Time and again

To the Wilful Way


I still have choices to make everyday

But along the way I need to ask myself

In the doing

In the Being

Is it God’s Way?

My own way

 Or has the miracle for which I yearn

Come about

When the meagre shadow of my earth

Falls across the blazing sun of His Spirit

For the briefest moment am I

In Tune with the Creator

His Way my way

When I want

What He wants for me

For my life

Together on the same course

Where am I standing?

My wilful way  

Or God’s Way?

Is Life about me?

Or all about God?

Who is in focus?


Encouraged by Galatians 5 and Is 8 vv 14, 15

Words and Pictures © Denise Stanford 2010

~ by Denise Within the Vine on 14/07/2010.

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