Giving Thanks


Gazing into a hot fire

Can prove mesmerising

There within heated canyons


Light flares, dances

Flame curls and spins

Castles form and fall

With crackle, pop and murmur

All reduces to one element


One coal falls away

It loses touch

Loses heart

Loses heat

Passion cools

Darkens and dies

So too with Christian Fellowship

The family


Common Unity

Of Church

Healthy Fellowship

Stays In Touch

Alive with Enthusiasm

Warm with Love and Passion

I am thankful for all 

I expereince…

So many wonderful people in Life

Those who speak



Cry with me

With others

Those who





Those who take time

Those who listen

Those who understand

Those who don’t but they stay anyway

I share with my Sisters

100 of them

All Ages 

All Life Stages

All Beautiful

All engaged in life and all it holds

All open, in all that it means

All generous in different ways

I sit in a large room surrounded by family

200 of them

Friends and Strangers

Older, younger

Men, women, children








I see young children


Making choices

From plenty

I see men and women

Children again

Enjoying more than enough

Grateful for a meal made for them

 We worship together

Learn together

Grow together

Here is Acceptance

Here is Different but Same

Here is True Beauty in every face

Here is Power

Here is Love

Here is Church…

Here is Fellowship

Here is Generous Love

Here is Passion

Here is the Glowing Heart

…Of God

Words, Photographs and Watercolour © Denise Stanford  2010

~ by Denise Within the Vine on 19/07/2010.

2 Responses to “Giving Thanks”

  1. Denise this is so beautiful! It realy captures how I have been feeling about my church family.

    I was at a church for 10 1/2 years and lost my church family to a misunderstanding (two years ago). But since that time the Lord has placed us in a special place, where they took us in, and loved us, and helped us heal. We are so grateful. :o)

  2. Fiona I’m so pleased you popped in. Spiritual abuse is often discounted, but those wounds tend to go very deep.
    I am thrilled God has led you to a new church family, one that enables rather than disables our spiritual growth.
    I am certain they see you and your lovely family as a gift, you certainly have gifts worth sharing…
    Blessings De

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