The Salt

The tears prick my eyes

The pain is surprisingly intense

I check my hands

What have I done?

There in a finger crease

One tiny paper cut

I didn’t even know it was there

Until I placed my hand

Into the salt pot

To season the stew


The smallest amount of salt

In the tiniest of wounds

Draws attention to the Flaw

Can stir a pain

That Lingers long after

Is this what it means

To be ‘The Salt of the Earth’?


Salt has a distinctive savour

Bringing out flavours



Adding Zest



Am I ‘The Salt of the Earth’

Do I draw out the flavour of Christ

His Cleansing Liveliness

Do I contrast  Bland Tastelessness

Product of Earth-bound living

Or do I just sting

Am I merely

Prickling and irritating?

Showing up only Weaknesses

Am I Overbearing,

O’er powering 

Strong with bitter judgements

Am I their taste of God

Do I bring out their unique flavour?

Do I stir within the sweet savour

Him they knew in the womb

The One God who knew them even then?

It would be easy to assume if Christian

Then ‘good’ in every way

And if not Christian

Then no good in any way

I know this is not True

I know each one has the potential

For good

For God

When and how?

Details of His

His Business

His Divine Plan


Mine it is to Love them

To be that which brings out the best in them

That which reminds them

Christ knows and loves

Even these

Even now

Lord, keep me from Losing Savour

Keep me from forgetting

My Taste of You

Inspired by Matthew 5 v 16

Words and Pictures © Denise Stanford 2010

~ by Denise Within the Vine on 21/07/2010.

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