Lemon Deluscious


Our husbands are away Autocross racing

My daughter in Law has come over

To share dinner and a film

We sit cosy in the family room

On tonight’s menu

The film

Julie and Julia


It seems fitting we eat heartily

My Irish Stew

Followed by a luscious

Lemon Delicious Pudding

We eat,watch, talk, laugh

It is a terrific night…

… as usual

 Deni’s Lemon Deluscious Pudding – Gluten and Dairy free

Nuttelex – 1 Tablespoon (a dairy free spread found in the dairy cabinet)

Sugar castor – ¾ cup (I keep mine in the canister with Vanilla pods Mm yum)

SR Flour – 2 Tablespoons (Gluten free – make sure they are level spoons)

Lemon – 3 juiced + rind grated from 2 ( I like a strong lemony taste)

Eggs – 2 Separated (I only ever use large Free Range)

            beat yolks in a small bowl

            whisk whites in metal bowl

            to stiff consistency

Milk soy – Cups 1 ¼


Cream Nuttelex with Castor Sugar until smooth and pale

Add Flour  – fold in carefully

Add lemon rind and juice whilst slowly stirring

Add milk and beaten egg yolks and fold in

Add a small amount of whisked egg white – fold in

Now add this mixture to the metal bowl containing remaining egg whites

Carefully fold all ingredients together but not until smooth

If the mixture is a runny batter with small floats of egg white

It is just right

Tranfer to a greased oven proof dish to bake

Stand dish in a water bath or Bain Marie

That is an oven proof dish with hot water added

The water bath maintains an even gentle heat in the dish

It allows the pudding to separate and cook slowly…

Place the whole thing into a moderate oven

Bake until golden brown and firm on top

This light fluffy crust covers a yellow lemony sauce

For a family feast I double the ingredients

Warning there is never enough to go around!


Traditional Recipe adapted by Denise Stanford

Words and Pictures © Denise Stanford 2010

~ by Denise Within the Vine on 23/07/2010.

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  1. hmmmmmm. Yum!

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