Can’t Believe?

I don’t believe this…

I can’t believe …

This cannot work…

Ah but it does

It isn’t …

A recipe

A charm

 or magic spell

It is nothing we do

What you read here is

My familiarity with God

How I make sense

Of Experience

Of Relationship

With God

The Almighty



I point my camera and snap away

Later my computer magnifies

And I am heard to whisper

‘I don’t believe it…’

Such is the beauty and wonder

I see revealed

To discover a tiny spider

Hiding within a flower

A minute dragonfly

Fresh emerged from nymph

Drying on a rose

A wild bee exploring new horizons

To make Sugar Bag

And I am amazed

I see an ordinary bush with white flowers

Upon closer scrutiny

I see God’s Creating Hand

In fuzzy bud caps

Red and yellow streaked petals

Pendulous pompom

I find a rain drop

Brilliant in sunlight

I draw closer

Within that tiny aqueous globe

Rainbow hues

I turn and high above

Against a thunderous sky

Rain and Sun

Fragments Light

To reveal the Spectrum

Ever present but Invisible

In white light

This is no accident Friend

This is not Happenstance

No more than you or I

Are accidents of Being

We are not Pond Scum

But Beautiful Creation

Known by God before all

God knows

He knows all

He Loves like no other

He waits

For whilst we struggle to believe Him

He has abundant Faith and Hope in us

In Me

In You

He wants your heart to want Him

He will place each circumstance

To be tripped over

Run into

To beat our head against

Missing Him

Again and again

Until One Day

When you allow your ‘Heartcore’ to breath

To beat in Time with His

When you catch that first glimpse

Of Him

Of His

When you entertain the possibility

Then in wonder wide-eyed

The inner part will be made whole

The space within will fill with God

Hunger Satisfied

Do not look into the Heart of Doubt

Expecting to see Truth


Stand upon that tiny island of Impossible

Keep watchful

Invite Him

To show you

Prepare to be proved wrong

Be aware

It is not your faith

Driving this

But God… always God

He misses you

He wants you

Home Again

To His Heart…

Words and Pictures © Denise Stanford 2010

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~ by Denise Within the Vine on 28/07/2010.

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