A Week of Conflict


We have a week of conflict…

 A camera bought with such hope

Tested again and again

Given opportunities to shine…

But it doesn’t

What we hope for doesn’t happen

Again and again it does not…

The week fills with




But once resolved the mists clear

We see beauty again

We delight in things of Hope and Growth

Does living always with Conflict

Blinds us to beauty?

Do tension and disappointment

Crowd out the small things

Meant to warm our hearts

When enemy forces crowd our lives

Blinding us, darkening our days

  • storms, strong winds and rain batter the house
  • we visit the beauty of the riverside to test the camera
  • we search for camera opportunities
  • not seeing the beauty just seeing camera woes
  • we talk camera
  • we worry camera
  • I am not alone with this and value Hubby’s sensible approach
  • we arrange back to back tests
  • we watch for improvements
  • we  see none
  • Hubby engages the supplier, gently pressing home our opinion
  • we try all they ask of us
  • we do not see what we hope for or expect
  • Time out for dinner with friends
  • We try hard not to talk about the camera, the conflict
  • Wonderful evening
  • In front of the fire
  • Watching early Hitchcock films

               black and white, clumsy,

              dramatically simplistic but so entertaining

  • Conversations, laughter
  • In Company, we relax in togetherness
  • When offspring checks it out, his affirmation encourages
  • He writes a report with vocabulary that persuades
  • We are proud of and grateful for it
  • We pack the camera with care and return it
  • We sense relief with conflict resolved

  • Suddenly instead of Problem I see beauty
  • We are free to see more than Disappointment
  • Wind and rain stirring trees
  • Moaning through the wires
  • Mist filled River valleys

  • Abundant violets
  • Japonica blooms
  • New buds forming


Words and Photographs © Denise Stanford 2010

~ by Denise Within the Vine on 02/08/2010.

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