I Worship

They’re the first of the season

Fresh from the farm

I’m podding peas

Little green gems

Tucked up side by side

Just waiting for me to crack the pod


And my thoughts fall upon God

And I thank Him for Variety

For such Fresh Pleasures

For the Sight, Sound, Texture, Colour

The Smell,

The Taste


When I connect with God

When I give Him Worth

I Worship Him and all He is

I read somewhere

That Worship was not something we do

For our own benefit

I Worship from the Fullness

From the Emptiness

I worship God from the Gratitude

From the Humbling

From the heart of who I am

And without doubt

I worship God from the


It is my default mode

I do not do it only for me

But I do it from me

I satisfy an Old Law

It is a Good Deed

And I profit

For once again

We are together

I am gone



The One

How can I not benefit

He knows me

He knew me since before my making

He knows me well

Reaching me this way

In the plenty He provides

In the Seeing Ahead

In the Harvest

In the Beauty

In all He has Brought Forth

And I return to Him

Only a small part of the Plenty

He gives

That is Selfish

That is Human

To try to be anything else is folly

If all I give unto God

Is not of the Colour  

Is not of the

Substance of my Being

If it is not…

Seasoned with the Salt of

Who I am

Then surely

It can mean little to God

It would not engage

My spirit

With Holy Spirit

It surely fails to connect

In Truth

If not in Worship

Then where else

Is one

To be True to Self

And when I Worship

 I Gain

Words and Photographs © Denise Stanford 2010

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The Salt

~ by Denise Within the Vine on 04/08/2010.

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