Time Out

Jobs for the day

The list is long

Growing longer

Next on the list

Tidy the study


I am surrounded by papers,

Loose pages flutter from an old journal

I often use pencil for… 

Writing, Drawing

Doodling, Dancing across the page

The graphite lines have faded

I struggle to make them out

I know there is a message hidden here

I see enough to compel me so

But I cannot quite reach it

So often a Scripture captures me

In this way

The Fragrance of Meaning

Hidden within the Word



Ringing the chimes

And I believe God is Teaching me


But I’m not quite getting it

I wrestle pressing in harder

But it slips further away

I begin to doubt


Time out

Spirit soothes

I close my eyes breathe Redeemer’s Name

Two pages had stuck together

They fall apart

Now I can see clearly all that’s written there

But I do not crave the note

More than the moment

I stay within the calm enjoying God

Soaking in His Peace

We walk in the garden

He reads my heart

Those concerns held there

He reads the Roll

Of loved ones I hold close

Those I would worry over

Things I am concerned about

The list of must do’s and oughts

He calms, reassures

I know all will be well

And when all is not well

He will guide me through

 Reluctantly I move again

Into the day

After giving thanks

After writing thoughts down

After Praising the Giver of Life

For Loving me

For Finding me

For Calling me

For Time Out

With Him

Words and Photographs © Denise Stanford 2010

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~ by Denise Within the Vine on 11/08/2010.

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