It Rains


It rains…


Continues to rain

Day and night


For another day and night

Yet more it rains

And we Hope

And dare to name it Drought-breaking

Even more falls

and we think saturated ground

And then…

Is it possible, a once familiar event,


When rivers peak as if they were mountains

Here on the driest of Earth’s continents

Here in a patch gripped by 12 years of drought

Here, now

We wake in the night to sounds of rain

We watch piled up rain clouds

Instead of scudding past

Taking shape and staying to empty

Puddles form and stand

Rain tanks fill, to over flowing

Frogs sing in the gardens

Trees now grown in parched reservoirs

May need to find higher ground

Lakes and creeks long forgotten

Return to once familiar beds

What falls as snow upon the mountains,

Falls here on thirsty ground


 We also celebrate a 30th birthday

This daughter not our daughter

Brought into our family by Love

She whose chin will rest upon curved wood

And with bow stroke, make violin sing

Whose heart resonates with

Composer, Works and Muse

She who stirs Child

To find Music within

And lights young soul

Drawing it out through fingers and bow


She whose shyness is a foil for hidden strength

And deep knowing

She whom our son loves

And who wakes her with a cake

We thank God for her, and her family

And all Celebration brings

Opportunity to Gift

Nursery to visit for plant and decorative pot

The chance to make her smile

Over-turns a gloomy day

Fancy dress party

Costumes to find and make

Humour of other’s creative imagination

Intergenerational conversations

Her parents fire the ovens

We fire the camera

When all is done

Delight and Joy settles

To comfort all

And I am Grateful…


Words and Photographs © Denise Stanford 2010

~ by Denise Within the Vine on 16/08/2010.

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