Sheltering Calm

 It is raining,

It has been raining all night

The effect is wonderful, refreshing

Restoring balance

I watch the children arrive for school

With parents

The father is tall, suited

His brolly large, grey, sober

Held firmly

And there beneath,

He and his two children walk

Sheltered from falling droplets

They talk quietly, respectfully

Gazing up at him with obvious pleasure

They have talked before

This is it is not an alien pursuit

This peace and calm is born of experience

His hand gently rests upon the girl’s back



It is an image that stays with me

The mutual respect of it indelible

For that journey along the short footpath

He is theirs completely

He gives his full attention

No phone in hand

They stay within the shelter of his umbrella

Walk at his slow and steady pace

They do not try to change him

Content for now within his company

On another day

They would have the freedom to run ahead

To dance to a different drummer

Along the Way

But for now

Heavy raindrops contain them

In a cocoon of calm

Father and child each feeling respected


Do I walk with God

Whenever I can?

Do I sometimes run ahead

Spending time


Not listening

Missing the moments

Gentled – such as this

Do I allow Rainy Days

To steal the joy?

Am I content within the shelter?

He provides

Do I notice all

He provides

Do I acknowledge all

He provides

The everyday Blessings

He provides


Shoulder to shoulder

Support and comfort

Help in a tight corner

Gently resting

Guiding hand

Not pressing Home

The difficult lessons

The reluctant learning

May I step down

And walk beneath

The canopy

Offering up



Reaching toward you Lord

To Honour You

Gentle Father

The Authority

The Author of my ways


May I stay

Within Your Sheltering Calm

Words and Watercolours © Denise Stanford 2010

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~ by Denise Within the Vine on 18/08/2010.

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