I Am Saddened

I am saddened

I watch a young woman

Struggle with the idea of You, God

 Some Churchmen 

Threatened by her strength

Have clipped her wings


In an effort to hold her down

Have bruised the vibrant Spirit within

You treasure her

You know her

You Love her

You would grow that in her

She rages against injustice

Sadly she blames You

But I know

You also value Justice

You stand firm on Dignity and Rightness

You would be angered by their dominance

Lack of respect

Lack of understanding

In this they do not speak for You

But out of their own Fear

Thank you

For showing me better churchmen

Men honest about their walk with you

Men confident in Your love for them

I am thankful that You loved us first

You Love deeply

Not in a soft soppy way

You love with strong, sometimes tough Love 

You Inspire with deep gulping breathes

Of respect

You have looked long and hard

You Know me completely

You encourage Character to be carved in me


See the best

Believe the best

Encourage the best to emerge

You make it possible to soar on Eagle Wings

Even when my feet are stuck in clay


For the Mystery of Free Will

Respecting my choices

The decisions I make

Even when some are truly awful

You stay with me

Work through the consequences

To teach me

Develop me

You listen even when I rail against you

When I tell You how wrong I think You are…


Creator of all


King of Heaven


Lover of my soul


You are so real to those who Trust

Those who risk a relationship with You


It does defy logic and understanding

But experience speaks loudest

I experience you in Gentle Ways

In very Real Ways

In very Simple Ways

That’s how You are

So Simple

So Effortless


We don’t do clean-cut well

We seem to crave complicated…

Many believe they must

Give up

Sort out

Fix things


Coming to You

There is no need

Coming to you with an honest open heart

Even if a certainly grubby heart


You have worked with me

On each of my needs

One by one

Step by gentle step

You hold me

Nurture me

Polish me

Like a precious jewel

Causing me to shine

Because I Treasure You

and I thank you…

Words and Photographs © Denise Stanford 2010

~ by Denise Within the Vine on 24/08/2010.

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