It is a small thing

Looking like a miniature telescope

A few spangles held in a tube with mirrors

An old design

More science than game

A Diversion

Needing no batteries

Just turn it towards the Light

Twist the end

To see

Myriad colours

Patterns refreshed by the smallest of changes

Reflected to create symmetry


My life is like that

The same elements held in Relationship

But how I choose to view them or review them

Enables me to see things in a whole new Light


I Long to see the glass half full

Rather than half empty

Optimism versus pessimism

Optimism leads to assurance, confidence and courage

With Resolve

To face the difficulties life brings

Life and all the little changes


I am not always Resilient

I do not always spring back

I need Resilience  

If I am to





I want to live in spite of

The difficult


The difficult


I want to grow in spite of

The difficult


The Difficult

To take the changes and blows


To reform attitude

To view each fresh pattern

Reflected through the Constancy of God

Shining in the Light of God

To seek and find Blessings in each new situation


To view the changing scene

As Beautiful

 A collection of

Little things




Reflected again and again by God

In the Light of God



In Him

Just like a Kaleidoscope…


Words and Photographs © Denise Stanford 2010

~ by Denise Within the Vine on 31/08/2010.

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