I have been unwell

Very unwell

I am on the mend

It will take a while

I am grateful for modern medicine

Old fashioned care and concern

Including chicken soup

I am thankful I have known good health

I am thankful that when I am so tired, bone weary

I have a comfortable Day bed to curl up in

I am thankful that

When my favourite blouse wears through at the elbow

I can shorten the sleeves

And wear it for one more season  

I am thankful I do not live

Clinging to a hillside of mud in a tin shed

Surrounded by threats

From humankind 

From nature

I am thankful

That some of those living in such conditions

Find Compassion in others

It is shocking  material poverty on this scale

Yet, in the midst of this decay

For a head to bow

For a heart to turn to God

For a soul to cleave to Spirit

For Hope to burn with the smallest flame

There in is wealth

Meek souls and True wealth

Meekness that will inherit the earth

Standing in the richest suburb 

Do we see less poverty here?

Standing in a street scape in any city

Do we really see less need?

In Nightclubs, Casino’s and Stripjoints

Do we see less hunger?

The gut wrenching poverty like Guatemala

Is the honest exposure

Of our own shame

Some cry why does God allow

Gangs to bully

Predators to roam

Children to starve

Or dragged into slavery

Children to suffer violence and silent abuse

God weeps

God waits

For You

For Me

It is we who allow this

I allow this

Here and there

I do not follow God’s leading

I do not demand honourable leadership

I think more about me and mine first second and last

Well may the poor always be with us

To teach and reteach the lessons again and again

Until we learn

Our riches are held in Heaven’s Kingdom

In the deep, deep Love of God

Only then can we Understand God’s Mercy

And be stirred to pass on

His Compassion

Words and Photographs © Denise Stanford 2010

~ by Denise Within the Vine on 14/09/2010.

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