Prayer Bracelet – Darkness



Then consider


Misshapen and dark like an oil slick

The next bead is thick with meaning

Here I pray over Worry and Fearful Dread

Threatening to Strangle

My Hope

My Peace


Fear literally petrifies

Turning us to stone

Hardening hearts

Stopping us

Depression will sink a voyage

Dragging ships down to the deep


Like the doldrums depriving sails of Motivating Forces

To Move us on

I pray for the Breath of God to spring up

Causing me

To change direction

To move away from jagged rocks

Away from seeking why and wherefore

Warm winds to soften my heart

Bringing alive Fresh Possibilities


There is also a dark side to my personality

A side from which I tend to hide

From which I can learn much

About My faults

About My weakness

All that grows in the shadow of  my strengths

As in the night not everything is terrible in Darkness

I have a guide proficient in Truth

He bears a light that dispels all Darkness

It is a light I cannot always see

But I know He is Near


Words and Photographs © Denise Stanford 2010

~ by Denise Within the Vine on 26/10/2010.

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