Prayer Bracelet – Make Your Own

My first Prayer Bracelet was threaded onto elastic

It did not survive

It fell apart

Scattering beads everywhere

Best use something more substantial

Easiest solution is to

Purchase a bracelet kit at a craft shop

It should include tiger tail, grips and clasps

You will need to find wire cutters and pliers

Follow the instructions

I am using 24 gauge silver wire

There are 18 beads in a basic prayer band

Including 8 smaller identical beads

I used a few more – 29

17 individual beads,

4 freshwater pearls

8 white quartz beads

It makes a large band so use fewer for a cosier fit…

They can be as plain or as expensive as you wish

Glass, crystal or semi precious

Each of my main beads is distinct in texture or shape

One is hand-blown from a studio on Kangaroo Island SA

What ever you choose

Make it distinctive and meaningful

To suit yourself

Thread beads in this order

  • One larger gold or special bead

or three beads combined for the Trinity

In Remembrance of God

  • 1 white quartz bead
  • 1 small – Me bead
  • 1 Baptism bead
  • 1 white quartz
  • 1 Wilderness
  • 1 white quartz
  • 1 Serenity
  • 1 white quartz
  • 2 Love beads ( I also added a heart ornament)
  • 1 white quartz
  • 4 freshwater pearls +3 small blue alternating
  • 1 white quartz
  • 1 lumpy Darkness
  • 1 white quartz
  • 1 Resurrection (I have shouldered with 2 jet beads)
  • 1 white quartz

Plan where the clasp will be and adjust the order of threading accordingly

Don’t forget to include  a couple of crimps – these look like tiny silver beads but are made of soft metal

They  will be be crushed with pliers to secure wire ends etc…

Here I have twisted a loop in the wire to receive the lobster claw clasp

The wire ends have both been returned through two crimps which are then crushed to keep all in place

Likewise two crimps were threaded before the clasp

The wire was fed back through both crimps leaving a loop holding the lobster claw clasp

The crimps were then crushed to secure

The excess wire end was trimmed and hidden in the final bead

Now the bracelet is ready to use

Using the band seems awkward at first

Before long each bead becomes familiar and the flow easy

I was concerned I might be tempted to rush through prayers

Or the process make prayer repetitive

That has not been the case

If time is short, I begin with the God bead

Then move to the bead I feel is most significant for the circumstance…


I do not omit the silences…

I Allow God

I Give Him time and space

To remind me of His opinion

His encouragement

Listening for Him

Hearing Him

Perhaps a Scripture will come to mind

A song to lift my heart

Or settle me in Peace

Then Later

He reveals something in my day

To reassure

He’s with me …

Words and Photographs © Denise Stanford 2010

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~ by Denise Within the Vine on 26/10/2010.

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