Prayer Bracelet – Me





Other than the sad confessions of my wrong doings

I rarely pray for me

I rarely thank God for who or what is ‘me’

It has been an edifying

To hold the bead

And wrestle with the notion

I am precious in His sight

Mine is like a tiny shell

Curled around with places to hide

It seems to represent me.

This bead is for who I am

For whom I can be in God

Only God knows what is possible

Only God knows what I can be


I am very aware of the negatives

My problems

My weaknesses

My failures

Desires my heart yearns for in place of God

I confess them all…well mostly all


But God sees the treasure within

Each one of us

Unique and precious


Worth dying for

I stay asking God to open my heart

To His vision for my life

To see what He sees

The bead sits next to the Divine

I strive to see my place in God

Whether I yet believe fully or not

We are working on that

‘Love yourself, so you can forget yourself… an exercise in the higher school …’

Fr Martin Lönnebo


Words and Photographs © Denise Stanford 2010

~ by Denise Within the Vine on 26/10/2010.

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