Prayer Bracelet – Mysteries



Then consider


The original band had three small white beads

To explore the Mysteries

I have seven

Three small dark blue

Four tiny fresh water pearls

For me

These beads are about trust

Trusting God with the hidden



Unspoken Mysteries

Dark blue for the deep veiled things

Memories, experiences

Too painful to recall

Mysteries I can’t make sense of

Numerous cryptic truths

 I have no capacity to understand


Humans are complex beings

God-woven with labyrinthine patterns

We may never fully explore

Life experience overlays these with further complexities

It is enough to trust God

He knows and understands me

Better than any other

Where I cannot He Does


I include pearls because of Many Wounds

The oyster turns its wounds from sand into pearls

I pray God will do the same in me

I am mindful

Healing takes time

I make excessive demands

Of myself

Of those around me

By keeping God as my focus I am dazzled

I can leave it all to Him

In time

At the right time

I know God will help me to heal

Help me to deal with the painful

The complex

Until then I place All

 In His Trust and  Care

Words and Photographs © Denise Stanford 2010

~ by Denise Within the Vine on 26/10/2010.

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