Prayer Bracelet – The Silences


This is the first of the silences

Father Lönnebo  uses six

I have eight

I choose small white quartz buttons

Gold is found within the striations of white quartz

Golden moments lay hidden

In Silence

These beads scattered throughout the bracelet

For Silences

For Stillness

For listening

For God

‘…for shutting out that which distracts.

As we move closer to Eternity, words are no longer necessary.

They are about being not doing.’ Fr Lönnebo


How I have come to love

The uncomfortable idea of Silence

So many Scriptures

Encourage time out

To listen, really listen

I wonder I don’t do it more often

Am I such a pauper of Faith

Do I doubt God will meet me there?

‘But oh! God is in His Holy Temple

Quiet everyone

A Holy Silence


Habakkuk 2v20 The Message

So I sit comfortably and still

I breathe

Settling my entire being

Turning off the music

Even inspirational music

Turning off the TV

The phone, the computer,

The worries

The rehearsed and revisited conversations

To listen

To hear You Lord God

I allow your Name to ring through my mind

Thoughts come

I try to ignore them

If they nag

I blindly write one word reminders on paper beside me

And release them

Paying no more attention to them than that

I let them wander on

If they are important, you will show me Lord

With patience


I can feel Your Peace

I don’t empty my mind but rather I open to You

This is your space Lord

My attention is directed towards You

I listen for your still small voice

I long to hear your thoughts

I long to share your vision

To come close to your point of view

Will you whisper to me Lord

Will you allow me see a world of possibilities in a tiny grain of sand? (W Blake)

Help me to hear You

To put aside my own ideas and embrace yours Lord

Words and Photographs © Denise Stanford 2010

~ by Denise Within the Vine on 26/10/2010.

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