Prayer Bracelet – Christmas


How to use a Prayer Bracelet to focus prayers at Christmas


God Bead 

It all starts with God

It always starts with God

His plan

His purpose

His way of drawing us closer,

His encouragement in relationship

Families, communities,

Togetherness with each other

Togetherness with God

 Silence Bead



Me Bead

 Christmas needs to begin with the personal

The angel Gabriel told Mary

One to one

God had chosen

She had choice

To accept

To deny

It isn’t always easy to

Accept God’s plan for us

I pray

As Mary prayed

I am the Lord’s ready to serve

Whatever God has planned

Let it be unto me

Baptism Bead

Mary accepted God’s plan

An unmarried girl

Carrying the Truth

Must have been Tortuous

Until her cousin Elizabeth

Also touched by God

Affirmed her


Truth becoming bearable

God rejoices in



With those who help us to bear

Whatever God has purposed for us


Fans the flames

Enables the Fire of the Spirit

To Burn brightly within

Silence Bead

Wilderness Bead

For Mary

Difficulties did not end there

As her young virgin body grew

So would the rumours




Was she alone?

Was she ostracised?

Was she broken?

I know when the going gets difficult

The enemy cannot wait

To worm doubt in to the mind

To press fear home

Pray into

The fears that beset

The difficulties that work away at


Ask God to meet you in the wilderness

Only He can make  sense of it

Mary’s wilderness experience

Wrings from her

A song of rejoicing

Do I sing

Rejoicing in the Wilderness?

Silence Bead


Clear Calm Bead


With the Christ child growing within


Kept her Peace

Kept her Poise

The Serenity that often comes with pregnancy

Grew too


Chaos of commercialised Christmas

Deadens the Serenity of the Season for us

We lose track of the real significance

Simplicity of Serenity

In the busyness we make of it

Pray the calm brightness of Christmas

Settles in your heart

Love Beads

God’s Love – for us

God chose Mary

To Mother his son

To bring His likeness into the world

As an example of love

She loved God enough to submit

She accepted God’s love

She accepted God’s purpose

Even when it ruined her reputation

God chooses you

Because He first Loved you

God’s Love – for others

Mary held things in her heart

Joseph held things in his heart

Together they

Grew the Christ Child

To become considerate and caring

In the world

God poured Himself into the world

Through Joseph and Mary

Because He loves us

A love that cannot be earned with Good Deeds

A love that cannot be earned with Perfection

A Love that brings health even to the dying

God’s love grows

To Influence

The Individual

The Family

The wider Community

The World

Through the quiet willing person

With a loving heart



The Mysteries Beads

Ah the Mysteries of Christmas

King of Kings

Born in a stable

Gift bearing Magi

Men from other faiths

Guiding Star

Angels and Shepherds

Simeon and Anna

So the Christmas story moves on

By the Mysterious Hand of God

To acknowledge God’s place

In the Human family

In the Human heart

To Acknowledge Giving

From the Heart

Submit to the Mystery of God

Celebrate the Mystery

Acknowledge God knows more than we

Silence Bead


Darkness and Night Bead

At Christmas

There is Light Bright

And Deeds Dark

Murder of Innocence

Wounding of Mother Heart

Dark Age in Egypt of which we know little

Dark Angels tried to destroy

This Christ Child

A Child come

To unsettle the settled

Causing many to fall

Causing others to stand

Darkness even now

Threatens to consume the World

Dark Angels still threaten Christmas

A subtle shift of purpose and significance









By acknowledging the Darkness

We can willingly turn to the Light


Silence Bead


Resurrection Bead

Christmas celebrates the Coming of the Light

True light

Light that Darkness cannot quench

Light that illuminates the clean and unclean

Light that stirs discomfort

So we may find our Way to God

There to be Comforted

First Christmas

The Dawn of Emmanuel

God with Us

Pray each Christmas will be a Celebration

Of Christ Child

Of God’s love for us

Resurrect the First Love and return again to God


Silence Bead


God Bead – Revisited

Through this journey

At the heart of Christmas

Conclude your time of Prayer and Meditation

At your Nativity

At your origin

At your Beginnings

At the Core of who you are

At the Core of whom you can become

In God

Words and Photographs © Denise Stanford 2010

~ by Denise Within the Vine on 15/12/2010.

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