Briefly Nativity


When Mary was a maiden

An Angel came to visit

“You’re going to have a son,” he said

“Now that’s not so bad is it?”

“He’s God’s own son –Name? Jesus

A special boy He’ll be

There’re many sad and frightened

But He will set them free”

To Bethlehem they had to go

Just when the baby’s due

“Sorry,” said the inn keeper

“It’s out the back for you”


Because the inn was crowded

The stable seemed just right

Soon they had all settled down

For a very special night

Away up on the hillside

Where men were keeping sheep

They had a new experience

It kept them from their sleep

Out of the sky descended

In clothes whiter than white

A host of singing angels

It was a lovely sight


They sang about a baby

“Peace on Earth,” they said

But one big angel cried out – “Stop!”

Before the shepherds fled

“Go now into the stable

And fall upon your knee

For tonight you have the chance

Your Saviour there to see”

A little later down the road

Some wise men came to call

But they went to the Palace

Instead of cattle stall

“Do tell,” lied King Herod

(For he was a wicked thing)

“Where is the baby Jesus

Some gifts for him I’ll bring”

The wise men found the baby

By following a star

Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh the gifts

They’d brought them from afar

The Angel came back with some news

A warning about danger

“You know King Herod? Well he’s bad

Never trust a stranger!”


The shepherds came to say goodbye

Sad to see them go

They sang again a song they’d sung

That night a year ago

It was a gentle lullaby

To help the baby sleep

Not an easy thing to do

In the company of sheep


The stable had been cosy

Though poor and smelly too

But Jesus didn’t mind you see

He’d give His life for you

He didn’t mind the stable floor

A Hay bale for His head

“However best to teach them

I love them lots,” He’d said

For God and He had seen us

When we left the path they’d set

“I’m going down to help them

They’re not all lost, not yet”

Do you know your Saviour

Have you heard His call?

Speak to Him soon – This Christmas

Like shepherds in the stall…

Words and pictures © Denise Stanford 2010

~ by Denise Within the Vine on 21/12/2010.

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