Human and Divine



God made flesh

A man both Human and Divine

Sometimes I struggle to get my head around the concept

Sometimes it seems like double-dipping

Surely it would be easy

No unknowns for Him

Surely life as a person would be easy for God

One day

I expressed this thought in a theological tutorial

The professor paused

Looked at me

I don’t know what else he did

Perhaps he prayed

For a moment there was silence

I thought he was going to put me down

Laugh at me, tell me I was foolish

But he stopped

Held my gaze blocking out the rest of the room

He said something like


Silent pause

He was God

Silent pause

It was the way he said it

My brain lit up

Flicking all the synapses

Running through the countless seeds of God as I know Him

Creator of the heavens and earth

Setting the moon to influence oceans

Scattering stars

Conducting the heavens and their orbits

Measuring my tears

Weighing my heart

All knowing,

All seeing,

Ever present

All powerful

Divine Omniscient

All crammed into


In the flesh and bone body

Of a helpless baby



I got it…

Tears welled up in my eyes

I will never forget that moment

I didn’t know it at the time

I was on a Journey of Comprehension

It began 40 something years before

I was aged 8 I think

I contracted Polio

Afterwards I was told

You had polio

You Survived

You Recovered

We will not speak of it again

We didn’t speak of it again

We ignored it as if it had never happened

No evidence could be seen

None was watched for

I lived a ‘normal life’

I know now there had been damage done

Tiny Neural connections were destroyed or damaged

Inferior connections had to take the full load

Damaged nerves sprouted smaller offshoots

None of these lasted the full distance

The tiredness I’d known since my 30’s intensified

Flu like symptoms developed and remained

Pain returned

Muscles now slowed and failed

Trying to build them up made things worse

New sprouts died

Secondary nerve supply failed


Having developed a multitude of skills

Many degrees of knowledge

I find myself

Unable to use most of it

We all get tired

We all get forgetful

We get aches and pains as we get older

We have muscles die

We all get weaker

We all get clumsy

We all choke and have trouble swallowing

Add all of that to a body damaged by Polio

I can still walk, but not far

I can still harness thoughts to write, sometimes

I can still care for myself a little at a time

I can still do things but much, much less

Than once upon a time

I am capable of so much more than I am able

Thus I am disabled

Thus I have a tiny glimpse

Of Christ Jesus


All that He is

Reduced to a tiny human body

Human and Divine

A Baby

Unable to even feed Himself

Vulnerable beyond measure

Weakened beyond comparison

Potential to do all

Limited to doing nothing

Until He grew

As a Man

He loved unconditionally

Did He hear everything?

Did He feel all pain?

Did He smell all Fear?

He held together

Human and Divine

He held side by side

Human and Divine

We are incapable of understanding all He is

And yet we do know


Submitted to this

Slowness of Being

To reach us where we are

Perhaps to encourage us

Not to reach for the stars

Rather to reach for Him


Words and Pictures © Denise Stanford 2011

~ by Denise Within the Vine on 05/01/2011.

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