Pray Blessings


When wounded

When betrayed

When hurt beyond measure

God tells us to Love

The lost seek other paths

Wandering in darkest ways

Pleasure seeking Pain

God says Love them Home

We can Bully with Bible Truth

Strike with Sin and Separation

Castigate with Condemnation

God says Love

We restrain with Religion

Talk and Teach

Prattle and Preach

And still God loves

No condemnation

No conditions

No restrictions

God Loves

Let us therefore Love

Pray Blessings

Upon those who irritate

Upon those who, in our eyes, Sin

Those who wound




Worldly Souls

Will you

Pray Blessings on us all

When God Blesses He Heals

He turns confusion right side up

He melts Stubbornness

He cures Pride

He silences Fears

He soothes Hurts

When God Blesses

 He looks upon the wholeness

Deep buried

Long hidden

His True light

Causes it to grow

God’s Blessings are not sweets for spoilt children

His Blessings are bread for the starving

Living water for the Soul in torment

When God Blesses

He brings the dead to Life

When God Blesses

Mountains are moved

His Blessings reach further than my praying heart

His Blessings spring from Knowing All

His Blessings pay the penalty of True Love

It is my place

To Hope

To Love

To Believe

To Pray

It is God’s Right

To Turn Hearts Home

God’s to Redeem

God’s to Sanctify

God’s to Bless

Wondering how to Pray??

Pray Life

Pray Blessings

Words and Pictures © Denise Stanford 2011

Boat of Faith Inspired by Michael Leunig Poetry

 Street Theatre Performed at Floriade 2007 by Born in a Taxi

~ by Denise Within the Vine on 19/01/2011.

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